1645. Naseby, England. Baroness Margaret Elizabeth De Meaux knows exactly where she fits in the hierarchy of society, of her family, and in her life. However, one thing sets her apart from all those she loves: her visions. They have always shown her wondrous lands, but she accepted long ago they were strictly illusions. 

Despite the fact that they are pure fantasy, she relies on them to provide solace from the monotony of her existence. When her mother suddenly passes away her own grief pushes her to the brink of insanity. It leaves her questioning just how far apart her two contradicting worlds really are from one another. 

Can Margaret reconcile her past, her agony, and what she assumes is her imagination? Or will she give into the myths and tales from her childhood to shape both history and the future? Despite it all, she knows that one truth is universal through the ages. Trust is hard-won and easily broken when you don't know who’s on your side.